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Zillow Review: Buy, Sell, Rent Or Get An Estimate On Real Estate Properties

| Swing Alpha on 7 Mar 2017 12:00 AM
Zillow Review Buy, Sell, Rent Or Get An Estimate On Real Estate Properties

Stepping away from the stock market for a bit, we felt like reviewing a real estate giant.

In a world full of real estate agents and companies, there are only a few marketplaces full of real estate listings tailored to the needs of the market. Zillow is definitely one of them - a real estate database company that was founded in 2006 by two ex-employees of the leading booking platform Expedia.

Zillow is currently a major real estate giant and a platform that connects buyers to property owners, landlords to renters and basically the entire community to the premium and branded Zilow homes for sale, rentals and home values. As a company that currently ranks on NASDAQ with a $644.6 million in revenues and $1 million in total assets in 2015, this website has changed the way our community looks at properties, introducing a new digital experience.

What’s So Special About Zillow As A Real Estate Platform?

Aside from the hundreds of thousands in total Zillow homes for sale, rentals and other properties - Zillow is a platform that ranks among the best home search spaces online. With only Trulia and Realtor as its decent competitors, Zillow is easily placed in the housing top 10 websites.

The first thing you will notice when hitting zillow.com in your search browser is the easy and pleasant interface that lets you look for Zillow rentals, homes for sale or ways to sell your property. The last category is reserved for the feature called ‘Zestimate’ which basically gives you an estimate on your properties and helps you get a good price on them based on various details that the platform compares to the similar listings in the area.

Finding Zillow Homes For Sale Is Easy…

The ability to search for the Zillow homes for sale is the main feature that the website uses. There are thousands of real estate properties for sale and rent in each and every area. Basically, Zillow works as a directory to connect you with the best local real estate agents and brokers and get the best price on your next investment.

It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive you want your next home to be. On Zillow, there are thousands of rentals in every area that you can find, all tailored to your needs and listed up to the last single detail. It is easy to search, bookmark or compare properties - but these are just one of the very basic options available on the platform.

Finding Zillow Rentals Is Also Great

Are you searching for your next rental?

Zillow helps you find the best place for your budget and see all details that you are getting. The provided house-by-house rental prices and estimates let you search by price, agent, house features, open houses and other criteria that is also applicable when searching through the Zillow homes for sale.

Finding the best one from the loads of Zillow rentals is as easy on mobile as it is on desktop. The omnichannel experience that lets you search for all properties on all kinds of devices is therefore another huge benefit of this platform.

Compare Zillow Home Values Through The ‘Zestimate’ Feature

The ‘Zestimate’ feature can be easily found on the homepage, and is something that every potential buyer or seller wants to know when searching for a property for sell or getting to know the prices in the area.

This estimate tool is the best way to compare home prices, the costs associated with them and other amenities and terms included in each property. All so you can get a clearer idea on the potential price of your home for sale - or the future home you have in mind.

Aside From The Zillow Home Values, There Are Demographics Too

Not only Zillow lets you search for homes for sale, rentals and comparable prices, it also helps you every area within the US and its demographics, school districts as well as the general information about it. This way, you will be able to make a more informed decision and see if the area you pinpointed is a good fit to be your next home destination.

Using Zillow is easy. You can either use it anonymously or sync your Facebook account to create a new profile, taking the time off to register and making it easy to share everything you see suitable from the site itself. Providing as much information as possible (including price history of the Zillow homes for sale, property taxes that were paid etc.), Zillow helps you make a well informed decision.

Easily Map Your Next Home Or Rental

If you are searching for Zillow homes for sale or rentals in a particular location such as near the beach, in the city center or in a suburb - using the interactive map is what you need. Basically, this map has all of the listings for sale displayed interactively. While it is also good for pinpointing your next home or rental, this feature also introduces you to the area and all the local surroundings.

Listing Is Free - And Paid Promotions Give You A Great Bang For The Buck

Listing a profile on Zillow is very easy - and everyone can do it for free. With all the attributes that you need, the only job you have is to check them, add photos of them and map the exact location. There are also public records such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms etc. - all put into the platform as filters that you can play with in just a few clicks.

Last but not the least is the fact that adding your own Zillow homes for sale or rentals can be done for free. However, the platform lets you also advertise your properties or promote the locations as advertisements in order to yield a greater return. That way, it is the go-to destination for many local realtors and even more potential homebuyers or residents looking for the perfect destination in any area throughout the US.

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