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Stop buying stocks based "on a hunsh" 

Stop wasting time trying to find the next Google or Facebook

Stop playing around, guessing, and losing money on stocks that Joe said will certainly be a winner

Stop using time delayed indicators like it's still 1997

And Start trading like a pro!

stocks to buy

Successful active traders don't waste their time looking for the next Apple or Amazon, but rather than finding a single stock that shoots up 500%, they look to capture many 10%-15% quick swing moves. 

By actively analyzing both the fundamental and technical of a stock, an educated trader can find at least 5 stocks to buy capable of achieving these kinds of gains per week! 

Stop wasting time and money on strategies that don't work and take a look over the shoulders of our professional traders, by joining our alpha community you will get 5-7 stock alerts of the hottest stocks to trade each week.

Our 4 Stage Stock Picking the Best Stocks to Buy Today

Stage 1: Technical analysis, we start by scanning for stock patterns breaking out on huge volume, these stocks are analyzed for both momentum and market conviction. 

Stage 2: Fundamental Analysis, after passing Stage 1 a stock is analyzed for its fundamental criteria (to increase our chances of success by aligning the breakouts with a fundamental sound reason). We analyze earning reports, earning estimates, earning estimates revision, recent news, and EPS analysis of this quarter vs last year's quarter.

Stage 3: Volume Analysis, we take a deeper look at footprint charts and analyze the quantity of shares traded on the bid vs shares traded on the ask at each price levels. Volume precedes price, so we look for patterns within patterns

Stage 4: Market Profile, after analyzing price and volume we analyze the last remaining variable, [time]. Market profile charts exposes the true nature of the stock market as an auction, by looking at market profile charts we can look for more auction patterns to make sure we are making a truly well rounded trade decision 

Join our swing trading community today for only 97/m 

You'll get 

1) 5-7 fully analyzed stock alerts per week of the best stocks to buy, with specific buying zones and stop loss limits (By email and SMS)

2) With every alert, you'll further receive a report explaining exactly why we think that stock is worth trading (By Video)

3) Daily market outlook of the most important stories to watch for

4) Weekly market and sector analysis

best stocks to buy

Why join?

1) To get the best stocks to buy and trade each day

2) To have more option with more trade ideas

3) To Look over the shoulders of professional traders

4) To Learn from the analysis reports so you can find similar trades on your own

5) To get a daily market outlook of the most important stories in 1 clean report delivered to your inbox 30 min before market opens

6) To trade and engage with community instead of trading alone

stocks to buy today

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