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paypal alternative

With a lot of digital payment options (or banking options) available today, it is very hard to choose the one which is best. Research shows that digital wallets have been used by a significant number of consumers throughout the world. According to an analysis of two thousand United Kingdom adults appointed by digital payments experts Skrill, 54% use digital wallets for online businesses and purchases. This article will provide reasons why Skrill is the best payment options. Besides, the article will point out things the PayPal users need to know about Skrill.

            Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is widely used by a vast number of population throughout the world with a staff of over 500 representing more than 30 countries. Founded in the year 2001 and based in London, this payments option has been making digital payments secure, simple, and quick. Skrill has been the world leader in providing best solutions for its customers whether they are sending money to their families, depositing cash on gaming platforms or buying online. Below are some reasons why Skrill is the mighty behemoth:

Straight Forward Process for Signing up

            Skrill has a very straight-forward process. This is the first impression it creates to its users. Unlike other digital payment options the sign-up process is not complicated, and also it's free. The only essential details at the sign-up stage are your email address and a valid physical address.

Simple User Interface

            Many online payment solutions are pigeonholed with tailbacks that make it a nightmare to transfer money internationally. Skrill dispute this challenge by providing an interface that is very simple for anyone to carry out their transaction. With a superb layout of offered services, you understand precisely where to the exact link to the service you want.

Very Simple Authentication Process

            To improve the security of the services they offer, Skrill may request their clients to authenticate their identity. Moneybookers offers identity authentication via verifying your credit/debit card details or bank details. Most choose debit/credit card option as it is the fastest option to get through with the authentication process. The moment you verify your identity it comes automatically with an increase in the outgoing bounds/limits.

Low Transaction Charges

            Skrill has one of the lowest charges for swift transfer platform in the international financial market. This online payment solution charges a flat charge of 2.32 USD for international wire transfer. Nevertheless, it is of importance to consult your bank for commission for exchange rate charged per withdrawals.

Proficient Email Support

            Skrill has an excellent and smart email support system. They have links where common issues that their clients might encounter can solve.

Identity Verification

            Most online payment solutions will request for a government issued ID copy and also a utility bill for authentication of your identity. Skrill, however, has this efficient procedure where they send their clients a confirmation code to the address you used during the registration process. The letter may take a minimum of two weeks, but the best thing is that no one will request payment for the postage. The verification process is also very quick, and immediately it's done, the amount the client can withdraw at a time increases.

Huge Outgoing Transaction Limits

            After verifying the physical address provided during the registration, the withdrawal amount automatically increases up to around $7000 for any three months duration. Besides, after verifying the identity, the transaction limit further is increased. The bound covers the customers’ any online transactions and the withdrawals.

Supports as minimum like $1 withdrawals

            With Skrill, the client can withdraw as little as one dollar. On the other hand, the client can deposit as little as $1.

No Maintenance Fee Required

            This platform charges Zero maintenance fee for all active accounts. The only one requirement is that the customer makes at least a transaction within a period of 90 days. This means that the subscribers of this platform can use Skrill as a remote savings account, and with just a click they can withdraw the amount when needs arise.

Uploading Money to your Account

            Skrill has an option whereby the client can upload funds from his or her bank. This is very helpful when the customer needs to top up the funds to carry out a purchase. To upload funds, the platform charges a rate of as little as 1.90% for the total amount uploaded from the credit/debit bank account.

Swift Wire Transfer

            One great thing about Skrill is the quick wire transfer. Unlike other platforms that take 3-5 working days, Skrill can handle transfers in some nations in a single day.

            Apart from these and many other reasons why Skrill is the best solution for online payments, the platform is the most accepted for online gaming. Skrill offers a special service where the subscribers pay and play. Below are some reasons why Skrill is the best online payment option for all real money mobile gamers:

Accepted by Most Mobile Casinos

            Research shows that 79% of online mobile casinos in the United Kingdom accept Skrill for all withdrawals and deposits. This is a remarkably good coverage, given the number of methods of payment available to choose from. An active and a dedicated Skrill user can find at least four out of five mobile casinos.

Access of Winnings Instantly

            There is nothing so discouraging than knowing that you will access your winning after 2-3 days. Skrill helps you lay your hand on your money instantly. This is one superb dimension where Skrill stands out.

Skrill makes Its Customers feel Special

            With Skrill, you enjoy special offers at different mobile casinos in the United Kingdom. The platform also offers Skrill VIP which is a scheme where its users enjoy:

  • Loyalty club membership
  • Free withdrawals and deposits
  • Multi-currency account facility
  • 100% security for your cash

Swift, Secure and Easy

            Although pointed out earlier, this is one reason why Skrill is mostly used as the best payment method by online gamers. Speed, Security, and Simplicity are the core requirements that a player expects from any e-wallet.

            In a nutshell, Skrill is an amazing payment option because it addresses some core issues that other platforms have neglected. From online gaming to online payments this is an excellent option, sign up and start using this payment option.

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