Stock alerts Can Save Your Money Timing is the most important thing when it comes to making investments in the stock market. If you miss out on a critical trade by a few minutes or even seconds, you could lose out on a significant profit or end up with a major loss on your investment.  An ideal alternative to playing the guessing game or not obtaining critical information is the use of stock alerts to assist you in figuring out the best time to act.   What is a Stock alert A stock alert is a notification that a particular feature of a strait has exceeded a given limit that you had set. For example, you may set your alert to let you know immediately after a specific stock has raised or dropped in value by more than three percent.  The notification of a stock alert can range from a popup on your desktop, email messages, messages from software applications or even texts on your phone. Electronic notifications give you the opportunity to rapidly respond as soon as you can because in response time even a second or fraction of a second can make a huge difference. The Best Methods to Establish Stock alerts As a normal trader in the stock market, it is critical that you get up to date information on every single stock that you own. To obtain the stocks that you require, select the thresholds you desire for every single alert. You can even establish various levels for each stock. It is also a good idea to set up several alert kinds for one given stock. Make sure your stocks are in an updated state as you alter your portfolio. It is not beneficial to keep receiving notifications for stocks that you got rid of or to fail to put alerts for stocks that you recently purchased. Stock alert Tools Stock alert tools are electronic methods of obtaining access to information on the stock market as soon as possible. Alert tools are generally simple to utilize and are available to any individual or organization that desires to trade or requires information on the market.  Benefits of Using Stock alert Tools •	Eliminate Stock Chasing - The majority of traders run to purchase a stock too late after it gets hot. The usual result is that they end up paying plenty more for that particular stock and the return from it is normally very little at the end. Stock alert tools notify you as soon as any important phenomenon happens in the stock market or in your portfolio. The event can range from a breakdown in stock to a breakout in it, regardless; you will be notified about it with the appropriate information as soon as possible. By receiving notifications as soon as they are available, you can carry out the appropriate action based on the information before too many people catch wind of it and it drops in value. If you are among one of the first people to obtain information on a particular stock, you can either make a profit or avoid incurring considerable losses. •	Discovering New or Unknown Stocks - Making use of an alert tool gives you the opportunity to find out new or existing companies that possess promising technical levels. Companies such as these normally do not receive much publicity and without stock alerts, there is a high possibility that you would not know that they even existed. The alerts also assist you to grow your portfolio and during the process find out amazing investment opportunities waiting to be capitalized. •	Obtaining Information That Matches Your Investment Style - Stock alerts enable you to specify custom criteria to be utilized to give you an early warning. The tools then locate companies that match the specific criteria that you set allowing you to select any one of them. Regardless of your criteria for investing in stock such as value, dividends, swing trading, momentum, current trend, position trading or growth, the tools can be customized to give alerts accordingly. •	It Beats Guessing - Alert tools predict the behavior of stocks by utilizing effective and reliable algorithms, formulas and theories available. The alert tools do not behave like humans since they do not guess the behavior of a stock. The tools make use of behavioral patterns of stock and the present scenario to determine future stock behavior. •	Minimizes Noise in the Market - The stock market is a huge place containing plenty of ever-changing information. If you are relatively new to the market and attempt to take in all the information you are provided with you may have a sensory overload. Stock alerts slow down the market by developing the alert triggers that only keep an eye on the stocks that you are interested in and alert you when important events occur. Thus the alerts filter out the unnecessary information about the rest of the market and keeps you focused on that which is of relevance to you.  •	Knowing When You are Wrong – Spotting when you are wrong is another critical benefit of stock alerts that people tend to overlook.  Knowing when you are wrong is a key part of being a successful trader. If you are not aware when you are wrong, then you have a much higher risk of making massive losses due to bad decisions. To avoid this, set an alert on a given criteria and if that specific threshold is exceeded you should stop to reconsider the stock. The alert should notify you when you are approaching your stop level. At that point, you should take a look to see if the stock is worth continuing with, if not, know when it is time to call it quits. •	Gaining Experience – The longer you use the alerts, the better you should get at noticing trends and patterns. Over time, you will pick up on the patterns that the market behaves in due to your alerts. You can then use your knowledge and experience to make more informed decisions to increase your profit and minimize losses.

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