Why use a stock screener?

  • Faster data research
  • To get an edge in the stock market
  • Seeing more than your competition
  • More trade alerts, more market opportunities, and more profits
  • Because all the big players in the market use them
  • Less time researching, more time trading

How should you use stock scanners?

Any active trader looking for an extra edge should use stock scanners. Day traders especially depend on them heavily, without stock scanners most day traders would go out of jobs.

Swing traders use them a lot as well, market peaks and breakouts are easily detected and selected with a powerful stock screener.

Active investors of all types use stock scanners on daily basis to find appropriate entry levels to their trades. Even professional traders rely on them to crunch millions of data bytes per second to get them the best trade ideas each day.

There are many companies that spend their entire research on developing an extremely elegant stock screener. If you are having problems setting you own up, please let us know!

We can help you develop your own algorithm and scan for the exact requirements you need.

We've setup more than 40 algos that help us predicts the market each day, we can share some of them with you if you sign up as a member with swing alpha!

Last week we made 1 of our best trades yet, on a single trade our members made a commutative of 300,00$. A stock we chose went from 3.4 dollars all the way up to 6. it was a truly amazing trade that almost reach a 100% in total gains. The good news is that these trades are not uncommon, we see almost 7-8 of these monster trades a year. You can learn from us and apply what you learned to your own strategy by using your own stock screener. If you are having second thoughts still, please contact us to get a 15 days free trail and join our swing trading community today.

It doesn't matter if we are in a bull or bear market, our analysis are prepared to any turnaround. You see, some traders are a long biased only, while others are short biased only, while hearing both of them might make sense at first,  over the long run, both miss on some amazing market opportunities. That is why we are never biased toward 1 side of the market, we are always shifting and finding trades in both directions.

The stock market is risky, everyone knows that, and if anyone is trying to tell you otherwise he's probably taking you out on a whims. No one can guarantee a positive quarter, but what we can promise is that we will never stop working on finding the best trades to share with you every single day. You can lose a day, you can lose a week, but if you are careful and know what you are doing you should always be winning more than you are losing, making your profits grow in size in the long run!

We've heard stories about traders suffering for years before reaching a profitability level, we don't want that to happen to you! if you read all of our education sections you should be up and running within 3 months!

So you might ask, what's the best stock screener on the market?

There are actually many stock screeners to choose from, to name a few here's a list;
  • TD ameritrade has an extremely powerful tool when you sign up
  • TAS offer another great tool you could use to find market profile breakout trades
  • Finviz offer a free stock screener that you could use to improve your odds today!
  • Option house will also give you access to their scanner free of charge when you open an account with them
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